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Shop From Home at Laplante Cadillac in Hawkesbury, ON

Laplante Cadillac is here to make your buying experience as easy as possible, letting you shop entirely from home if you don’t feel comfortable coming in to our dealership, or if it just works better for your schedule. It only takes a few easy steps to be on your way toward a new Cadillac, all from behind your computer! Follow along our handy step-by-step process below and select, calculate, appraise, finance and more in a fast and efficient manner!

1. Select Your Vehicle

The fun starts right off the bat on our first step. Shop our inventory and pick out the Cadillac for you!

2. Calculate Your Payment

With help from our payment calculator you can help figure out how much you may be paying, so you can best craft a plan that fits within your budget. Through all-inclusive pricing, you can modify the terms and payment frequency, as well as adding on a down payment to create a unique plan.

3. Appraise Your Trade-in

If you have a current vehicle that you’d like to trade-in, you can utilize our trade-in tool where we will start the process to get your vehicle appraised, which can eventually be used toward your next vehicle!

4. Apply For Financing

Fill out our credit application, all it requires is some basic information from you so we can understand your credit history. From there we’ll work to get you approved fast and efficiently and one step closer to driving off in your new Cadillac!


Lastly, book a test drive to ensure the vehicle meets all of your needs, such as adequate visibility, comfortable seats, smooth ride, good handling, ample room and more – making you feel more confident with your purchase.

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