Our Finance Department

Our Finance Department at Laplante Cadillac

Our finance department at Laplante Cadillac is here to serve you. Whether that’s helping you to apply for financing (easily attainable through our form below), helping you decide between financing or leasing, or just having a conversation to come up with a finance plan that works for you. If you have any questions about purchasing, financing or leasing a Cadillac, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our finance team, today!

Thanks to our experienced and connected finance team, we’re able to procure a wide-range of solutions for your finance needs, no matter your history or what you’re looking at purchasing. We work with a number of financial institutions, working to get you great rates that fit within your budget, making that Cadillac of your dreams more and more of a reality. All it takes to get started is to fill out our credit application below, where one of our finance team members will look over your request and help you on your journey toward financing within your means.

Benefits of Financing and Leasing

Deciding between financing and leasing is an important decision when it comes to your new Cadillac, as both provide different ownership experiences. Depending on what kind of driver you are, and how you intend to use your Cadillac can make this an easy choice for you. But, if you’re wondering which one may be best for you, explore below a few of their advantages.

Why Lease Your Cadillac?

  • Pay less over leasing payments than financing per month.
  • Drive the newest and latest Cadillac models more often.
  • There’s a set kilometre limit, perfect if you don’t drive much.
  • Drive with peace of mind with warranty protection and coverage for service.

Why Finance Your Cadillac?

  • Eventually buy and be its sole owner.
  • More flexibility with financing.
  • No kilometre limit.
  • Helps you build equity.